In full compliance with the time schedule, the laying of the supporting structure of the new building, the so-called 28 BIS, has started officially today, Monday the 29th of July.

In Warehouses 27 and 28, an important renovation, adaptation and expansion project is underway, which will allow the Trieste Convention Center, the largest multi-purpose conference center in the North East, to host national and international events.

In about 40 days of construction, the construction of the electrical systems was completed with the laying of the main ridges within 27 and 28 with almost 4 km of cable ways and the construction of the thermo-hydraulic systems with the construction of the fire ring internal and water ridges visible today during the visit to the site by the TCC members and affiliated to the project.

Towards the end of August, on the other hand, deliveries of high-efficiency air-conditioning machines are specifically planned, with both enthalpy recovery (heat and humidity recovery) and thermodynamic (refrigerant gas temperature recovery).

Once the work is completed, TCC management will be able to count on The Office’s  forty-year experience, one of the founding members of the initiative, in the organization of international congresses, corporate events and major events.

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