ISO 9001

Expanding your company is exciting but you must do it properly



In the late 1990s our company experienced a major growth in terms of business and staff. In order to be able to deliver the same high quality standard at the core of our success we soon realized the need to plan our own quality system. In July 2005 on the occasion of our 25th anniversary we were able to celebrate yet another achievement: our ISO 9001 certification no. 8892.

We are very proud of our quality approach born from the experience of our staff and shared with our clients.

In 2010 we also became CME providers and extended our certification accordingly.

Our ISO 9001 Quality System now covers

  • design, organization, and management of conferences and events
  • management of language and translation services
  • design of educational activities

We have certified

  • 4 quality system processes
  • 12 operational processes

Our Quality Policy (taken from the Quality Manual) the office management has established its quality policy guiding principles in its company mission.  The office acts in the broader context of public relations and communication. Its mission is to:

  • Support Clients in designing and organizing any kind of event to fully meet specific needs and allowing Clients to reach their targets;
  • Provide high quality linguistic services meeting Clients’ communication goals;
  • Analyse possible educational needs in health or other sectors and design events responding to such needs;
  • The company’s goal is to always work with top level professionality, innovative and pro-active ideas, technologically advanced solutions and qualified suppliers;
  • The company aims at acting always as a consultant for its Clients, by raising awareness in its field of competence and guiding their client towards the best solutions in terms of content and logistics with due regard to a careful cost-benefit assessment and to an utmost transparency of its services;
  • Aware of the fundamental importance of the human factor in providing services, the office aims at having a staff with the highest possible competence, precision, punctuality and efficiency matched by the required flexibility and problem-solving ability;
  • Energy, a constant focus on changes in society and dedication are the cohesive fundamentals of all activities. The management commits itself to apply these principles to the organization processes with a spirit that goes beyond the necessary standardization and to pursue a continuous improvement, in line with the assignment given by the Client and with the demands of a global market in continuous evolution.