Our autumn calendar!


Starting from September we’ll talk about
Smart cameras, virtual reality, robots, smart vehicles and much more at  ICDSC , the 13th International Conference on Distributed Smart Cameras!
CMSB ,the 17th International Conference on Computational Methods in Systems Biology decided to meet in ,Trieste the European Capital of Science in 2020. 
Teaching and practical training on neuromuscular ultrasound techniques one of the focus of ISPNI 2019, International Society of Peripheral Neurophysiological Imaging. 
MEET IN ITALY is the national matchmarketing and update event in the field of life sciences, with more than 37 participating countries and over 420 organizations involved.
In November, Milan will host the fifth international  NEUROMI meeting, which will focus on the correlation between food and  brain functions and neurological and psychiatric disorders.
Do not miss the annual appointment with the 73rd GMT (Giornate Mediche Triestine ), and  the multidisciplinary approach to cancer patients and the new frontiers of medicine.
And finally rheumatoid arthritis at Rheumatology 2019, in Monfalcone, followed by Osteoporosis 2019 in Trieste, which will focus on the patient’s bone involvement with co-morbidity in the internal environment!
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