ICCA ranking: Italy is 3rd in the world and 2nd in Europe


Italy entered the top three in the Country and City-Rankings for the year 2022 published by the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) after an absence of two years.

A great accomplishment for Italy which climbed three positions and is the third largest host country worldwide, counting over 520 in-person meetings, and the second largest in Europe.

The growth in the business segment, which had recorded a 31% increase in 2021 continued in 2022 when 85% of all meetings were again held in person (approximately 9,000 out of over 10,500).

Outstanding results have been achieved both by Italy as a whole, and by major Italian cities.
Rome ranked 14th (18th in 2019), Milan ranked 18th (32nd in 2019), Bologna leaped to the 35th place (110th in 2019), and Florence ranked 60th (88th in 2019).

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