Events first half 2019


Focus on the first half of 2019

Events organized by The Office


International Master Degree (Master PNS)

The 21th January 2019 it will take place in Milan the Second Level master in Pheripheral Nervous System that will provide to the participants some notions of neuro-anatomy and neuro-biology.


14th – 16th February 2019, Trieste. The innovative Congress of dermatology and aesthetic medicine takes place every two year in the beautiful city of Triest

Giornata per le Malattie Neuromuscolari 2019

9th March 2019, in 17 different venues all over Italy we celebrate the Day for Neuromuscular Diseases, a nationwide project involving physicians and patients suffering from rare diseases.

23°Congresso Sezione Triveneta SIA

23th March 2019, San Daniele del Friuli. The Italian Society of Andrology will present the twenty-third edition of the Triveneta section Congress in the Presidio Ospedaliero of San Daniele.

9° riunione annuale dell’Associazione Italiana per lo Studio del Sistema Nervoso Periferico (ANSP)

11-13th Aprile 2019, Padua. The Association has chosen Padua as location for the development of the 9thannual reunion edition.

68° Convegno SUNI

10th – 11th May 2019, Finale Ligure. The 77th edition of the Congress of the Urology Society of North Italy has chosen Finale Ligure as location for the event.

11th Cell Cycle Meeting

3rd-6th June 2019, Trieste. It will take place in Trieste the 11th edition of the Congress concerning the cellular cycle and its aspects in the different living organisms

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