Corporate events

We work together with our corporate clients in designing and organizing their events: conventions, product presentations, awards, anniversaries, annual meetings, cultural and sporting events. Alongside our institutional clients, we organize ministerial conferences, international summits, government meetings, and public events.

We listen carefully to our clients’ needs and translate them into a detail-oriented, organic project. We have the right ideas and know-how, and our experienced, tireless team can work equally well on its own or side-by-side with our clients’ staff. But most of all, we know what moves you.

From theory to practice

Read the Case History of Costa Favolosa Naming Ceremony


design and planning

  • analysis of clients’ goals and expectations
  • profiling of the target audience
  • date and location: strategic choices
  • event planning
  • feasibility study
  • inspection visits
  • a memorable programme
  • crisis management

creativity and innovation

  • traditional locations and creative settings
  • original and innovatively-staged events
  • ability to plan for different budget levels, including low-cost options
  • entertainment and shows
  • communication strategies using targeted technological solutions
  • unique gifts and unusual gadgets

communication and press office

  • communication strategies
  • web site design
  • newsletters
  • social media and engagement
  • user-friendly online registration
  • institutional relations
  • press releases


  • global vision
  • attention to detail
  • sound knowledge of all the main Italian locations
  • insurance policies and full compliance with the law
  • audio, video and lighting design
  • an experienced indefatigable “organizational machine”

compliance with budgets

  • specialized administrative and fiscal assistance
  • budgeting and cash flow
  • constant monitoring of income and expenditures in order to comply with budget estimates

on site

  • schedule setting and management
  • competent hostesses
  • management of protocol
  • placement
  • simultaneous interpretation and rental of booths and technical equipment

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