Bernardo Nobile Award XVIII edition

Human Creativity and Artificial Intelligence: the new frontiers of innovation

May 25, 2023
Area Science Park, Conference Hall - Trieste

In light of the development and rapid spread of Artificial Intelligence systems, what are the opportunities and challenges in the field of Intellectual Property? Can Artificial Intelligence techniques be considered subjects of law regarding the patentability of inventions generated by them, in a context where patent law is based on the assumption that inventors are human beings?

These are some of the questions that will be explored during the event “Human Creativity and Artificial Intelligence: the new frontiers of innovation,” organized by Area Science Park in collaboration with AIDB – Italian Association of Patent Documentalists and SiS FVG – Scientific and Innovation System of Friuli Venezia Giulia, scheduled for May 25th and will be held both in person and via live streaming.

Some key experts will discuss the complex relationship between Intellectual Property and Artificial Intelligence during the Round Table “Patents, code, algorithms between protection and freedom,” moderated by journalist Simona Regina. They will delve into the legal aspects involved and the potential impacts in the scientific, technological, and social spheres.

During this event, the Award Ceremony for the winners of the XVIII Edition of the Bernardo Nobile Prize will take place. These winners, through their thesis for both undergraduate and doctoral degrees, have highlighted the use of patents as a source of information and applied advanced data analysis techniques to extract valuable content from bibliographic sources. Anna Sirica, General Director of Area Science Park, will present the awards.

The Prize was established in memory of Bernardo Nobile, the promoter and first responsible for the Studies and PatLib Office at Area Science Park. Over its 18 editions, the Prize has seen the submission of 747 theses (576 undergraduate and 171 doctoral) from universities across Italy, with 41 applications for the 2022 edition.