Hostesses and DMC services

We organize many events ourselves – but not all of them.

There are agencies, institutions, and companies that use their own in-house resources to plan their events, but they may not always have the necessary trained staff, professional skills, and time to tackle complex logistics. This is where we come in. We are able to quickly integrate into a working team and provide them with assistance, thanks to the experience of our staff and freelancers and our in-depth knowledge of our home region.


Everyone wants them to be attractive – we want them to be as skilled as they are beautiful. A hostess must reflect the image of our clients, their hospitality and style, and highlight these qualities in a professional, courteous, and helpful manner, anticipating the clients’ needs with a smile. This role cannot be improvised on the spot: it requires training, a sound knowledge of languages and the tourism industry, dedication, and hard work. Our stewards are just as talented and friendly, reflecting our belief in equal-opportunity employment.

Our staff is always dressed just right. A suit or dark outfit for formal occasions, the classic “little black dress” for evenings soirees, or jeans and T-shirts printed with the event’s logo. We even dressed them up as Santa Claus!

We have acquired extensive experience in welcoming the public and VIP guests and in managing flows and processes that must be followed as a key step in ensuring the success of complex events.

From one hostess to teams of 80/100 hostesses, stewards, tour leaders, and messengers, everyone work under the close supervision of the project coordinator and her assistants.

DMC Services

Destination Management services require an in-depth knowledge of one’s home region, its best locations, most reliable suppliers, top-notch catering crews, and impeccable service providers.

We know and have direct experience with all of the main Italian locations. We have ISO-certified procedures to select our suppliers so that our clients never have bad surprises: thanks to our over 30 years of activity, we know which partners are the most reliable and renowned.

We are leaders in our home area, Trieste and Friuli Venezia Giulia, a region that remains relatively unknown among meeting industry professionals, but that has great surprises in store and can make any event an unforgettable one.

And we are leaders in Venice, of course, home to our subsidiary Venezia Congressi and its peerless experience in managing one of the world’s most complex logistics.


  • location choice
  • management of institutional relations
  • domiciliation
  • inspection visits

VIP guests

  • updated mailing lists
  • sending of invitations
  • multilingual recall service
  • seat assignments in keeping with protocol

 linguistic and technical services

  • conference interpreters
  • negotiation interpreters
  • loaning of simultaneous interpretation booths and equipment

 social events

  • gala dinners
  • custom-made tourism itineraries
  • transport and transfer plans


  • hostesses and stewards
  • tourist guides
  • hospitality desk