Past, Present and Future of Astrophysical Spectroscopy International Conference

6-10 June 2022
Molo IV - Trieste


On the occasion of the centenary of Margherita Hack’s birth, INAF (the Italian institute for Astrophysics) organized the meeting “HACK100: past, present and future of astrophysical spectroscopy”, to celebrate a great woman.

The meeting will be held in a hybrid format and is intended to deliver a historical retrospective on Margherita’s work and legacy, focusing on UV spectroscopy and astrophysical spectroscopy in general, both in the stellar and extragalactic fields.

There will sessions dedicated to the present ground based and space facilities (HST), and to future cutting-edge instrumentation. Particular focus will be given to medium/high resolution spectrographs at ESO VLT, TNG and LBT, together with future ELT spectrographs like HIRES and MOSAIC, that strongly involve INAF and the Italian/European communities at large.

Given Margherita’s commitment to the field of outreach and dissemination of astronomy, and her strong link with Trieste, a session will be devoted to this topic, and a parallel program of events open to all citizens and guests.

For more information, please visit hack100.inaf.it