ESLD Hands-on Laser and EBD Teaching Course

July 2020
Ljubljana UKC University Medical Centre

ESLD (European Society for Lasers and energy based Devices) and the office as Society Sercetariat, announce the ninth ESLD Hands-on Laser and EBD Teaching Course, in collaboration with the UKC Ljubljana – University Medical Center.

The Course will provide participants with up-to-date theoretical and practical knowledge on laser and EBD applications.

– Laser tissue interaction, Laser safety, Selective and Fractional Photothermolysis
– Laser hair removal, Vascular treatments, Pigmented lesions, Cryolipolysis, and Rejuvenation
– Traditional Ablative Laser

A 2-day course with 3 theoretical sessions, 3 hands-on sessions, where participants can closely interact with world-renowned speakers and a final panel discussion of interesting clinical cases submitted by attendees.

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