• 1Prion 2014

    Prion 2014

    Case History PRION 2014

    prof. Eric R. Kandel, prof. Giuseppe Legname, prof. Stanley B. Prusiner

    prof. Eric R. Kandel, prof. Giuseppe Legname, prof. Stanley B. Prusiner


    Client SISSA International School for Advanced Studies
    prof. Giuseppe Legname
    Event International Scientific Conference
    Date 27-30 May 2014
    Location Trieste
    Venue SISSA Auditorium – Magazzino 42 – Molo IV
    Participants > 500
    Website www.prion2014.org

    the briefing

    SISSA, the International School for Advanced Studies with headquarters in Trieste, is one of Italy’s centres of excellence. In 2014 they were planning to host the 10th PRION Conference, the world scientific conference on prions, featuring top experts in the field, including two Nobel Prize Awardees: Eric R. Kandel and Stanley B. Prusiner.

    SISSA was looking for an experienced partner that would ensure an impeccable organization and smooth running of this high level international conference. They needed an organizing secretariat able to offer participants cutting-edge technology for online abstract submission and participants registration.

    SISSA also aimed at presenting their new headquarters. A recently renovated campus with a breath-taking view of the gulf of Trieste surrounded by a magnificent park. At the same time they wanted to acquaint participants from all over the world with the city of Trieste, a reference point for the international scientific community. It was therefore necessary to facilitate transport to and from the campus located in the surroundings of Trieste for over 500 participants.

    the project

    After a detailed feasibility study, we drafted a tailor-made project able to meet SISSA expectations with those of a demanding international scientific community.

    We focused on communication and developed a e-plan which included

    • creation of a Prion 2014 logo
    • a user friendly abstract submission platform for scientists as well as for the scientific board
    • a customised e-commerce system for one click registration and hotel booking
    • newsletters templates for participants engagement and update

    We handled public relations with special care: one to one contacts with speakers secratariats, personal travel arrangements, security, round the clock availability for contingencies and last minute rescheduling.

    And finally the location. Excellent auditorium and meeting rooms but not enough space indoor to host the social functions for so many participants. A beautiful park outside, what a great idea. But what if the wheather is not equally beautiful? Together with one of our reliable suppliers, we designed and set up an elegant 500+ marquee, one that could resist even Trieste most typical wind, the bora!

    How to link SISSA premises with the city of Trieste? A part from an ad hoc efficient transport system organized together with the city local transport company, we “moved” two key elements of the conference downtown.

    So Magazzino 42 – a former warehouse close to the maritime station and recently redecorated – hosted 2 sessions with more than 400 posters as well light refreshments for more insight into the scientific topics.

    Prion 2014 had to be a memorable conference. How to forget it after the Gala Dinner organized at Molo IV, at sun set, sipping a glass of white wine from the nearby Collio area in front of one of Italy’s unique yet still less known waterfronts?

    in brief

    organizing secretariat > mailing and promotion > website > online registration and hotel booking > speakers and VIP guests management > transfers > sponsors > management of suppliers > scientific secretariat > online abstract management > on site secretariat and hostesses > book of abstracts > badge > conference kit > budget and administration

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  • 2Costa Favolosa

    Costa Favolosa

    Costa Favolosa Naming Ceremony

    Battesimo Costa Favolosa

    Costa Favolosa Naming Ceremony


    Client Costa Crociere
    Event corporate event
    Date 30 June – 3 July 2011
    Location Venice – Trieste
    Participants 5,000 in total; management of 2.500 seats

    the briefing

    Costa Crociere, leader in the cruise business in Europe, had to organize the naming ceremony of Costa Favolosa, their latest ship that had just been delivered by Fincantieri at the Marghera shipyard.

    The client had planned a mini cruise and various events starting in Venice and ending with the actual Naming Ceremony to be held in Trieste in the beautiful Piazza dell’Unità overlooking the sea. In order to manage thousands of invitations addressed to VIP guests all over the world as well as the ensuing logistics involving also thousands of participants from Trieste, Costa Crociere was looking for an experienced partner to assist them in this memorable event.

    Efficiency, round the clock availability, excellent language skills, sound IT expertise, ability to manage a tight schedule and problem solving. These were the ingredients of the challenge.

    the project

    After careful analysis of our client’s needs, we drafted a detailed operational plan on the basis of our long-lasting experience in and knowledge of the cruise sector.

    We set up a call centre for assisting over 3,000 invited participants. Six members of our staff were involved in the back office activities in Trieste, plus one liaison assistant to support Costa staff in Genoa. At the same time the project director supervised operations in Trieste together with local authorities. Protocol and placement of all guests was a demanding and delicate task successfully entrusted to a senior officer. During the Naming Ceremony, 30 hostesses and stewards took care of each and every guest, welcoming them to a unique event and showing them their assigned seat.

    in brief

    organizing secretariat > call centre > recall > logistics > cabin assignment > inspection visits > protocol > embarking and disembarking support > placement > suppliers coordination > hostesses and stewards > interpreters

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  • 3Expo 2015

    Expo 2015

    Expo world recipes – taste the planet


    Expo worldrecipes traduzioni the office bn

    client Banzai
    service translation project
    languages Italian – English
    the team 1 project manager 1 proofreader 8 translators
    website http://worldrecipes.expo2015.org


    the briefing

    Banzai, the leading Italian e-Commerce operator and one of the most important digital publishers, has developed TASTE THE PLANET, a collection of world recipes to discover and share the best recipes and food traditions from all over the world. Taste the Planet can also be accessed from Milan Expo 2015 web site.

    Taste the Planet was designed with the purpose of being daily updated thanks to the contribution of chefs, associations and food bloggers from all over the world who share their best recipes. Alongside cooking instructions, Taste the Planet provides useful information on their environmental impact as well as on the nutritional value.

    For the project to be truly international, Banzai was looking for a trusted partner to take care of the translation project. A really delicious one but demanding in terms of competence and IT skills.

    the project

    After a full immersion meeting with Banzai project managers, we worked out a mutually satisfactory working plan for the translation of the texts and subsequent validation by a senior reviser. Banzai had developed an excellent back office environment which was further customized following the initial briefing. The next step was the selection of the translation team and their training.

    A very satisfactory cooperation, thousands of recipes are added daily to offer Expo2015 visitors and  the world food community a unique experience.

    in brief

    project development and assistance > translation > revision

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  • 4CME



    planning of CME training events

    The Office Provider standard n. 1386

    ECM Educazione Continua in Medicina

    CME Continuing Medical Education

    The Office became credited provider on 24 February 2011.

    On 23 July 2014, following an inspection visit, AGENAS, the Italian agency for regional health services, appointed The Office as Standard Provider.

    since 2011

    Clients Universities, medical and scientific associations, hospitals
    planned events 151
    participants over 12,000
    issued certificates  6,798
    perceived quality 98% of participants gave a positive feedback about the value and usefulness of the event
    awarded credits 1235


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  • 5Destination management

    Destination management

  • 6Hostesses


    “Le vie dell’amicizia”


    The Presidents of Italy, Slovenia and Croatia congratulate Maestro Muti

    On 13th July 2011 Trieste hosts a memorable concert conducted by Maestro Riccardo Muti who performs the Requiem in C-minor by Luigi Cherubini in front of 10,000 guests gathered in the splendid setting of Piazza Unità d’Italia overlooking the sea.

    The Italian president  Giorgio Napolitano together with the presidents of Slovenia, Danilo Türk, and Croatia, Ivo Josipovic, attend the concert and congratulate Maestro Muti.


    the event managers of the office

    take care of seat assignment for invited participants and VIP guests in collaboration with the President’s staff

    50 hostesses and stewards

    selected and trained by the office welcome all the guests

    a historic occasion

    our hostess Gabriella accompanies the three presidents on stage to congratulate Maestro Muti


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  • 7Association Management

    Association Management

    4 different scientific associations

    1 goal

    how to to grant efficiency, high quality scientific activity and a smooth running of social activities

    1 answer

    a reliable partner with experience in Association Management

    case histories


    Associazione Italiana Sistema Nervoso Periferico
    since 2010


    Società degli Urologi del Nord Italia
    since 2000


    European Society for Cosmetic & Aesthetic Dermatology
    since 2014


    Associazione Medica Triestina
    since 1996


    In brief

    secretariat with dedicated staff > communication and web management > newsletters and updates > sponsorships > support to the steering committee > management of membership fees > administration & finance > CME courses > organization of the annual congress

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