Costa Favolosa

Costa Favolosa Naming Ceremony

Battesimo Costa Favolosa

Costa Favolosa Naming Ceremony


Client Costa Crociere
Event corporate event
Date 30 June – 3 July 2011
Location Venice – Trieste
Participants 5,000 in total; management of 2.500 seats

the briefing

Costa Crociere, leader in the cruise business in Europe, had to organize the naming ceremony of Costa Favolosa, their latest ship that had just been delivered by Fincantieri at the Marghera shipyard.

The client had planned a mini cruise and various events starting in Venice and ending with the actual Naming Ceremony to be held in Trieste in the beautiful Piazza dell’Unità overlooking the sea. In order to manage thousands of invitations addressed to VIP guests all over the world as well as the ensuing logistics involving also thousands of participants from Trieste, Costa Crociere was looking for an experienced partner to assist them in this memorable event.

Efficiency, round the clock availability, excellent language skills, sound IT expertise, ability to manage a tight schedule and problem solving. These were the ingredients of the challenge.

the project

After careful analysis of our client’s needs, we drafted a detailed operational plan on the basis of our long-lasting experience in and knowledge of the cruise sector.

We set up a call centre for assisting over 3,000 invited participants. Six members of our staff were involved in the back office activities in Trieste, plus one liaison assistant to support Costa staff in Genoa. At the same time the project director supervised operations in Trieste together with local authorities. Protocol and placement of all guests was a demanding and delicate task successfully entrusted to a senior officer. During the Naming Ceremony, 30 hostesses and stewards took care of each and every guest, welcoming them to a unique event and showing them their assigned seat.

in brief

organizing secretariat > call centre > recall > logistics > cabin assignment > inspection visits > protocol > embarking and disembarking support > placement > suppliers coordination > hostesses and stewards > interpreters

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